My Church Family = DIVERSITY

How important is it to you that your church family is racially diverse? When I began looking for a church I was very specific with God about what “I” was wanting in a church: (1) diversity, (2) close to home, and (3) an 11:00 service. Really, those were my specific requests. I have to laugh as I look back now and see where I was at that time in my life (over 10 years ago). Thankfully, God gave me the desires of my heart and then some!

I have visited many churches in my [rather] short history and being in a multiracial family, I have felt many things other than the love of God in the majority of them. When I found my church home, I truly felt HOME. There was a peace about being in a place that I felt truly accepted. I recently asked a new [white] woman attending our bible study what drew her to our church. She gave me a long spiritual answer but the portion that resinated the most with me was, “Well, I thought anyone attending here couldn’t have major issues with race”. I love SO many things about our church, the people, the passion, the work…but I have to admit, I LOVE that it is the one place that I can truly be accepted just as I am. Thank you, God for blessing me with such a wonderful church family!

Check us out–you can now worship with us online:

[new] Here’s a great article about our pastor in Outreach Magazine

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I am a walking dichotomy. The line of beauty, or serpentine line, that connects the yin and yang. I live in this space freely and welcome all of me.

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