Video: Through Their Eyes – Pt. 8 Final Interview NKU on Race Relations

Through Their Eyes – A Documentary From the Perspective of NKU College Students (8 part series)

I found this series very interesting and valuable. NKU college takes four groups of students and separates them by ethnicity and interviews them on campus to discuss their views on racial issues. The interviews were conducted by the Interracial Communications class. The 8 part series includes: Stereotypes, Racism Growing Up, Dating & Marriage, Uncomfortable Talking About Race, Diversified Race Organizations, Socializing with Other Groups, Race & Racism on Campus and Final Interview (students see and reflect on how other groups respond).

Your thoughts?

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One thought on “Video: Through Their Eyes – Pt. 8 Final Interview NKU on Race Relations”

  1. Interesting…I do think white people are so worried about being PC that it makes us worry about saying anything at all. You can say look at the person with the long hair over there but not it would seem that black person over there. Colour is just another characteristic, we don’t have to pretend we are all the same. We are all different and that’s what makes us so special.

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