Video: Just a Family – A Multiracial Family Shares Their Experience

Just a Family – by The New York Times

This is a great video about a multiracial family by adoption and then by marriage.

Their family tree and photo slideshow.


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6 thoughts on “Video: Just a Family – A Multiracial Family Shares Their Experience”

  1. The European American mom says that she “never thinks about us being a mixed family. I really really and truly don’t.” If that statement is true – she is doing a disservice to her children. How about she acknowledge their mixedness and respect it – instead of ignoring it. While she has her blinders on, the rest of the world is judging and making policies regarding ‘racial’ classifications, affirmative action, hate crime laws, and so on.

  2. At the beginning of the video the reporter gives me the feeling she’s watching animals in a zoo. The reporter says the family strives to be ‘color blind’. I hope not. Ignoring people’s color is not respecting their unique reality. The middle of the video is good. Kudos to the family for adopting. I don’t agree with the reporting calling the husband and family white’ – it would be more accurate to describe them as European American.

  3. I absolutely agree with you! Another part of the film that made me flinch was the adoptive dad said, “we experienced racism FOR them”. The correct statement would be, “we experienced racism WITH them”. BIG difference. But, I always love to see other multiracial families and hear their experiences. It’s always easy to be on this side of the interview and talk about what I would have said. And all the more reason to have discussions about it! Hopefully others will learn in the process!

  4. True :) By the way, are you already a member of the Critical Mixed Race Studies group on facebook?

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