Hi, my name is Tracy and I’m the founder of iCelebrateDiversity.com.

iCelebrateDiversity became a dream in 1995 with the birth of my first daughter. As a new mother in a multiracial family, my eyes were opened to the lack of diversity in books, toys, art…pretty much, everything. From that time on, I have been passionate about finding products that reflect (and respect) the inclusivity of all people.

iCelebrateDiversity.com launched in August 2001. We have grown from not only being a resource for parents, but with the addition of products such as Diversity Beans and Cultural Cookies, we have become a leading resource for corporations and schools looking for unique teaching tools to assist in teaching about diversity, stereotypes, bullying and team building.

iCelebrateDiversity.com is an amazing platform that provides us the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people making a difference! We absolutely LOVE what we do! We want to use our blog to introduce you to the Doers that are changing the world!

I’m the wife of a military man and mother of three beautiful girls. We’ve had nearly 27 years of dealing with racism in our immediate family,  lots of teachable moments, LOTS (and lots) of love and a few anti-depressants (for me). I have tried to take my experiences and help other parents navigate parenting through similar circumstances, therefore, you’ll run across information on race, racism, interracial marriage, transracial adoption, etc.

My Type A personality has inspired many ambitious goals to create different businesses around the field of diversity, but my ADD has helped me reconcile the fact that I need to focus my attention on iCelebrateDiversity.com and Diversity Beans. So, I have lots of lesson plans, diversity activities, books, etc. that are great for educators and parents alike.

So, enjoy the hodgepodge of resources. Somehow, in my little mind, they all relate!

With love,


iCelebrateDiversity.com Blog Goals:

~ Share practical resources to help parents and educators talk about race and diversity.

~ Provide resources that challenge each of us to reflect on our own bias’, prejudices and beliefs.

~ Share products that reflect unity, diversity and inclusion.

~ Motivate + Inspire + Encourage

One thought on “About”

  1. I love your site! What a great resource for multiracial families! If you are interested, I’ve been doing some research and came across an article by Dr. Dan Hibbler about how multiracial families utilize leisure activities. It really hit home to me. It’s a long read, but I’ll post the link I found to the article as well as the abstract:

    Keep up the great work!

    Peace to you…

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