100 Percent Mixed – YouTube video series of mixed people around the world sharing their experiences of growing up mixed.

A Birth Project – Transracial Adoption (Black adoptee raised by White parents)

Addicted to Race – Podcast

Adoption Talk – Transracial Adoption (White mom/international adoption)

Alas a Blog – Racism, sexism, feminism and more.

Alex Barnett – Comedian, interracial family, White dad, Black mom, Jewish.

American Anthropological Association – RACE: A Public Education Project

Appetite for Equal Rights – All about equal rights.

Applied Research Center – Racial justice through media, research and activism.

Asian Nation – Asian American history, demographics and issues.

A Time to Dance – Multiracial family through transracial adoption.

Beads, Braids and Beyond –  Children’s natural hair care and styling.

Beyond Black & White – Black women empowerment and interracial relationships.

Beyond Understanding – Author and mom in a multiracial family.

Bicultural Mama – Chinese American mama married to “All American” guy.

Biracial MamaBelle – Connecting multiracial families in Knoxville, TN.

Biraciality – Biracial experience of one young woman.

Blackflix – Multicultural celebrities.

Blasian Baby Notes – Mixed babies: Black and Asian.

BlogHer – Race and ethnicity.

Brown Baby – Biracial view on race.

Carmels On Maple Street – Adventures of mixed-race parenting.

Cocoa Mamas


Community Village – Stands for freedom of movement–immigration and refugee rights.

Curly Kidz

Daily Multiracial – Ongoing journal featuring mixed race, biracial, multiracial or multiethnic individuals known to be famous, noteworthy and/or interesting. 

David Roediger

Diary of a Black and White Family

Diaries of a Mixed (Up) Kid

Embrace Diverse Schools


Entertaining Diversity

Erase Racism NY

Euphoria Luv

Ezzy Guerrero-Languzzi

Fanshen Cox

Gori Girl

Half Korean

Hapa Happy Hour

Hapa Mama

Hapa Voice

Harlow’s Monkey

Heidi Durrow

Honey Smoke

Honorée Fanonne Jeffers

Huffington Post: Black Voices

Huffington Post: Immigration Reform

Huffington Post: Latino Voices

Hybrid Rasta Mama

Hyphenated Life

I Wonder as I Wander

I’m Not the Nanny

Inconsequential Logic


Intercultural Talk

Interracial Family

It’s Never Just Black & White

Jen Hatmacker

Jillian Lauren

Kim Wayans

Laura Kina

Life Behind The Wall

Light Skinneded Girl

Love Isn’t Enough


Mama C and the Boys

Marcia Alesan Dawkins, Ph.D.

Marcus Twyman Videos

Mavin Foundation

May I Have a Word?

Maya Escobar

Me and the Mexican

Melody Sia

Melungeon Heritage Association

Mixed American Life

Mixed and Happy

Mixed Chicks Chat

Mixed Chicks Chat on Talkshoe

Mixed Communities

Mixed Dreamers

Mixed Folks

Mixed Heritage Center

Mixed in Canada

Mixed in Different Shades

Mixed Messages

Mixed Race America

Mixed Race Studies

Mixed Reader



Ms Afropolitian

Mulatto Diaries

Mulatto Mayhem



Multicultural Familia

Multicultural Marriage

Multicultural Minneapolis


Multiracial Americans of Southern California

Multiracial Identity (Movie)

Multiracial Sky

My American Meltingpot


Native Appropriations

No More Race

POV borders

Quadroon Girl


Race – Power of an Illusion – Interactive

Race – Power of an Illusion – Videos

Race Exhibit

Race Initiative of Southwest Michigan


Race-work, Race-love


Racism Review

Rage Against the Minivan

Resist Racism

Rethinking Schools

Say No to Racism

Shockley Family

STFU, Racist

Stuff White People Do


Swirl Power

Swirl World Magazine

The Blasian Narrative

The Daily Race

The Diversity Projekt

The Loving Story – Film.

The Many Shades of Love

The Mauritz Family

The Multiracial Activist

The Next Family

The Root


Third Mom

This Nest

Tiffany Rae Coaching


Turner & Lydia

Understanding Race

USA Rise Up

Watermelon Sushi World

What Are YouTube?

White Matters

White Sugar, Brown Sugar


Yoon’s Blur

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