Resource: 10 Ways to Fight Hate – A Community Response Guide

10 Ways to Fight Hate

Another great resource created by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Download your free copy here.

This is an image that’s in the book that breaks my heart but reminds me of the quote by Nelson Mandela, “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” (we have the colorsheet)

Photo: Multiracial Family Spotlight

I’m drawn to multiracial families–they make my heart smile! I love the contrast in looks and the unspoken strength that each one of them holds. I’m going to start by “spotlighting” my friends. But, if you would like to see your family in the spotlight, email your pictures to mixedfamily at cox dot net.

About them: I met this precious family at church. They are not only beautiful people on the outside, but beautiful people on the inside! I’m blessed to call them friends! Check out Vernon’s site, he’s a very talented entrepreneur!

My Church Family = DIVERSITY

How important is it to you that your church family is racially diverse? When I began looking for a church I was very specific with God about what “I” was wanting in a church: (1) diversity, (2) close to home, and (3) an 11:00 service. Really, those were my specific requests. I have to laugh as I look back now and see where I was at that time in my life (over 10 years ago). Thankfully, God gave me the desires of my heart and then some!

I have visited many churches in my [rather] short history and being in a multiracial family, I have felt many things other than the love of God in the majority of them. When I found my church home, I truly felt HOME. There was a peace about being in a place that I felt truly accepted. I recently asked a new [white] woman attending our bible study what drew her to our church. She gave me a long spiritual answer but the portion that resinated the most with me was, “Well, I thought anyone attending here couldn’t have major issues with race”. I love SO many things about our church, the people, the passion, the work…but I have to admit, I LOVE that it is the one place that I can truly be accepted just as I am. Thank you, God for blessing me with such a wonderful church family!

Check us out–you can now worship with us online:

[new] Here’s a great article about our pastor in Outreach Magazine

Daughter 3 – Blakely

One of the best surprises I’ve had in my life…that’s what Blakely is! Born September 8, 2003. I was 35 when I had her and we have truly enjoyed this precious gift. She is FULL of life! She loves to sing, dance, run, play dress-up (the girl changes at least 4 times a day), and she also crushes on the Jonas Brothers (her favorite is Joe). She LOVES all things Princess Tiana! She is definitely a “daddy’s girl” but I like to think that she’s also a “mommy’s girl” too! We have had some unique experiences with Blakely regarding race that I look forward to discussing at some point. She is truly a joy that keeps us on our toes!

(Many have asked if we’re going to “try for a boy”. When Blakely was around 2, we had some serious discussions about adoption, but now that Sydney is getting ready to go to college, we wonder if  we’re prepared to start over. Suffice to say, it’s still a desire that I pray about).

Yes, I'm really just showing off her dress!

Daughter 2 – McKinley

McKinley is our second daughter and another wonderful blessing! Born July 17, 1995. She is also beautiful, both inside and out, and very different than her older sister. McKinley has a very calm nature. I don’t think we ever had “terrible two’s” with her. She was always easy to redirect and is a very responsible teenager. You don’t ever have to “get on to her” about homework or cleaning her room, she studies hard and loves neat and orderly! Now, she does have a downfall…his name would be Nick Jonas. She just may be his #1 fan! For her 13th birthday we bought tickets for the Jonas Brothers concert (yes, for all of the girls, including me). She told me that she knew it was a longshot, but she entered a contest online to win backstage passes. She told me that she’d really been praying about it and wondered if God would do that for her. The notification day came and went. After youth the following night, she came home to check the voicemail because our youth pastor had left a message. As she listened, she began sobbing (and I mean sobbing)…she said you need to listen…”Hello! This is Team Jonas calling to inform you that you are the winner of backstage passes, please call….”! It has been such an awesome testimony for her and I’m SO thankful that God allowed me to see the precious joy of her answered prayer! Need I say, it was the best 13th birthday a girl could have?

Kevin, McKinley, Nick, Sydney, Joe

Daughter 1 – Sydney

I will be sharing many things about my family on this blog. We have been through a lot and with three girls, we have had lots of experiences! This is Sydney, our oldest daughter. Born November 5, 1991. She is beautiful both inside and out. She is very compassionate and loves people! The last three summers she has been a buddy at a special needs camp and plans on being a pediatric occupational therapist. Sydney is also very creative! She loves art and hates cleaning. She is a very genuine person, a friend to others, and always stands for what she believes in. She is truly a blessing!