Watch this great Ted Talk on unconscious bias – brief but impactful!

This is a quick little Ted Talk on unconscious bias–I love Helen’s examples! The whole thing made me think about the blue and black (or white and gold) dress. Of which, I still don’t know how to process…


Video: Lesson in discrimination

(photo credit)
(photo credit)

Oh how I love this! I have seen the original exercise many times, however, PBS’s Frontline produced an amazing five part series you won’t want to miss!

Jane Elliott’s – Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Exercise – “A CLASS DIVIDED”

This is one of the most requested programs in FRONTLINE’s history. It is about an Iowa schoolteacher who, the day after Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered in 1968, gave her third-grade students a first-hand experience in the meaning of discrimination. This is the story of what she taught the children, and the impact that lesson had on their lives.

Watch the five part series:

The Daring Lesson

Day Two

14 Years Later

Teaching it to Adults

How the Adults Reacted

Jane Elliott is still around doing amazing work, check her out!

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Video: Who is Black in America (Full Show, No Commercials)

Compelling documentary produced by CNN. If you didn’t catch it on TV, you won’t want to miss this!


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Video: Things People Say to Transracial Families

A couple years ago we shared a popular video series  making its way around the internet: Sh*t White Girls Say…To Black Girls Part 1, Sh*t White Girls Say…To Black Girls Part 2, Sh*t Mixed People Get. Today I ran across “@#$% People Say to Transracial Families”


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Link Feature: 100 Percent Mixed Video Series

Today we’re featuring one of our great links!

Enjoy YouTube video series, 100 Percent Mixed, where people around the world share their experiences of growing up mixed.


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Here’s  a sample:

Poem: I Am Invisible

I Am Invisible
~by Haley Thurman

I am invisible

I hate to be invisible

I am invisible

Do you think I am invisible?

I think you think I am invisible

You can’t see me

You can’t see Haley

I am a girl

I am biracial and half white

Is it the white in me you don’t like?

Is it my black that’s invisible to you?

I have brown hair and brown eyes

My lips are red

My shirt is yellow

But you don’t see me because I am invisible

Or are you blind?

This was originally on Oprah in November, 1999. Below is the video and interesting segment of being biracial in America (includes singer, Mariah Carey). Maybe we can get an update on Oprah’s #wherearetheynow.  I find it sad that there are still such negative comments written today…your thoughts?


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Video: Transracial Adoption Interview – Huffington Post

Transracial Adoption Interview – Huffington Post

[Still trying to figure out how to put the video on the blog when it’s not coming from youtube…in the meantime, click the link above to watch]

This is a good discussion that needs to go much further. Great starting point!

“I Have a Dream” MLK Song, Colorpages and more

We LOVE Daria! Thank you for these wonderful resources!

We’re so happy to share this song that has been used in classrooms across the country to celebrate the life and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. Below is a free mp3 of the song, lyric sheets, free sheet music and an animated children’s music video of the song.

“I Have a Dream” song – MP3

“I Have a Dream” song – Lyric Sheet

“I Have a Dream” song – Sheet Music


MLK coloring page for younger children

MLK coloring page for older children

In Loving Memory…Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

44 years ago today, 6:01 pm CST

Nina Simone – Why? (The King of Love is Dead)


Once upon this planet earth,

Lived a man of humble birth,

Preaching love and freedom for his fellow man,

He was dreaming of a day,

Peace would come to earth to stay,

And he spread this message all across the land.

Turn the other cheek he’d plead

Love thy neighbor was his creed,

Pain, humiliation, death, he did not dread

With his Bible at his side,

From his foes he did not hide,

It’s hard to think, this great man is dead. (oh yea)

Will the murders never cease,

Are thy men or are they beasts?

What do they ever hope, ever hope to gain?

Will my country fall, stand or fall?

Is it too late for us all?

And did Martin Luther King just die in vain?

Cos he’d seen the mountain top

And he knew he could not stop,

Always living with the threat of death ahead.

Folks you’d better stop and think

Cos we’re headed for the brink

What will happen now that he is dead?

He was for equality,

For all people you and me,

Full of love and good will, hate was not his way.

He was not a violent man.

Bigotry had sealed his fate.

We can all shed tears, but it won’t change a thing

Teach your people, will they ever learn?

Must you always kill with burn and burn with guns and kill with guns and burn,

don’t you know how we gotta react? Don’t you know what it will bring?

But he had seen the mountaintop

And he knew he could not stop,

Always living with the threat of death ahead.

Folks you’d better stop and think

Everybody knows we’re on the brink

What will happen now that the king is dead?

We’ll see, he’d seen the mountaintop

And he knew he could not stop,

Always living with the threat of death ahead.

Folks you’d better stop and think and feel again

for we’re headed for the brink

What’s gonna happen now, in all of our cities?

Our people are rising, they’re living in last

Even if they have to die, even if they have to die

At the moment they know what life is

Even at that one moment that ya know what life is

If you have to die, it’s alright ‘cause you know what life is

You know what freedom is for one moment of your life

What’s going to happen now that the king of love is dead?